Entrusted by global clients,
we are a leading provider of
upstream advice to the energy industry.

At Molyneux Advisors,
we advise on how to create value,
through integrated and sustainable improvement.

Upstream advice to achieve long-term solutions within the energy sector.

In collaboration with our clients, we’re solving intricate challenges faced by the industry. Understanding that each client’s requirements are different, we build connections others fail to make. Molyneux Advisors deliver better outcomes through integration, identifying competency gaps, mentoring and providing robust support.

As an independent upstream consulting company, our capabilities span a specialised range of disciplines from Petroleum Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Geoscientists, Commercial to Completion and Drilling Engineers.

We’ve been delivering end-to-end advisory services for over four years with a combined experience of several centuries! With local insight and global thinking, we empower informed decisions that help our clients, communities and the environment thrive.

Our service delivery model


Leveraging off our deep industry experience, we enable clients to unlock the value of their assets using innovative tools.


A streamlined execution strategy, where we always deliver a high impact service to clients.


Empowering our clients to make informed decisions by giving integrated, multi-disciplinary and unbiased advice.

Our unique points of difference:


Global experience – across six continents


Assessed conventional and unconventional reservoirs


Worked across the business cycle: production, development and exploration


Performed evaluations in a variety of operational settings: onshore, offshore and deep-water


Competence in data-rich and data-poor environments

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Our people

Simon Molyneux Principal Geoscientist & Managing Director

Simon Molyneux

Simon is the principal geoscientist and Managing Director of Molyneux Advisors. Amalgamating over 23 years of experience acquired during his time at Santos, Talisman Energy and Shell, Simon takes pride in being at the forefront of the oil and gas industry, where he delivers maximum value to his clients and their resources.

A visionary leader who sets the trajectory of Molyneux Advisors, Simon is known for always remaining two steps ahead of the curve. As a multi-faceted business owner, he knows that his clients do not necessarily have the upstream capability that Molyneux Advisors provide, as a result his company has grown to be the vanguard within the sector.

Having walked the road of his clients, Simon is the first to understand the immense pressure they face daily. What sets him apart is his ability to identify fundamental issues within each company and provide advice rather than merely ‘consulting’.

A valuable partner to your business who believes that ‘good enough’ is never good enough, Simon is driven by a belief that each field, prospect or basin requires an integrated approach to maximise resource value. His technical understanding, paired with his relentless pursuit to achieve meaningful outcomes, has taken him to subsurface and exploration projects across the world.

Simon is an adaptable and malleable innovator who sets his vision firmly in place. He then paves the way to get there by motivating his team of top-tier consultants to stick to the path. Simon’s ability to mitigate roadblocks before an issue arises keeps the team moving at an exponential pace.

Hongfeng Wu Principal Reservoir Engineer & Director

Hongfeng Wu

Hongfeng is the Principal Reservoir Engineer and Director of Molyneux Advisors. He comes with over 24 years of experience, where he has consistently applied his unique process and passion for achieving elevated results in global companies like Shell, BP and CNOOC.

He was Shell’s lead Reservoir Engineer for Prelude and Auriga in the Browse basin, Australia and the Champion and Champion West fields in Brunei. Known for offering a balanced view that blends technical advisors based on detailed analysis of data and his unique breadth of experience, Hongfeng’s career has overseen the entire project lifecycle that encompasses exploration through to development.

Applying an integrated approach to solve problems, Hongfeng is a customer-focused and client-driven professional who endeavours to always look at a situation from every angle before offering advice. From his experience in geology, petroleum engineering and economics, Hongfeng is a trusted expert in the oil and gas sector. As a leader and advocate for growth and change, Hongfeng is at the forefront of advancements within the industry, a footing he extends to his clients.

Hongfeng is committed to working in an integrated manner with clients and applies his deep technical knowledge to resolve the issues at hand, through his work at Molyneux Advisers.

As a co-founder of Molyneux Advisors, Hongfeng is skilled in finding the right people and organising a team with the utmost due diligence and methodical consideration. Furthermore, he good at discovering efficient and quick solutions that arise from complicated business environments.

William Walton Principal Consultant
Steven Lee Principal Consultant
Alexander Weber Consultant
David Stevens Consultant
Belinda Perriman Consultant
Julian Mather Associate
Thiam-Guan Tan Associate
Martin Storey Associate
Hesham Farhani Consultant
Pooya Hadian Consultant

Trusted by global clients from the energy industry

Our focus has always been on results, with a consistent record of exceeding standards. We work with some of the most high-profile participants in the international energy industry.

Client Logos

“I’d like to thank you for such a collaborative and professional due diligence exercise. Your depth of knowledge comes through very quickly in engagements and project reporting, you focus on the issues we (the customer) wants focused on, meet deadlines and provide a few key insights we would not have uncovered in anything less than a deep due diligence exercise.”

Exploration Manager, Australian oil and gas company.


“Reinforced by regular consultative meetings for the duration of the study, Molyneux Advisors provided a technically rigorous Competent Persons Report that documented an independent assessment of our block’s discovered and prospective resources.”


Asset Team, Philippine independent Oil and Gas Company.