Business Continuity Update

Molyneux Advisors recognises that business continuity is a concern for our Clients. Molyneux Advisors has robust systems and processes in place for remote working, which we use daily across our business.

Our team commonly works from our home offices. We are used to working by video conferencing, phone or email as many of our Clients are international, or interstate.

We are ready for the changes in how we are all going to work over the coming weeks.

Our aim is to maintain business for Clients, and hopefully the only change you will see is more use of video conferencing and technology instead of face-to-face meetings as we use remote working. We are still be contactable by the usual means of email and telephone.

We are working together to keep everyone safe and work together virtually over the coming period. We believe in our business and we look forward to working with our Clients over the months and years ahead.

Yours, Simon Molyneux (Managing Director) and Hong Feng Wu (Director)

Clock March 18, 2020
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