Belinda Perriman

Belinda Perriman is an experienced energy industry executive is working in partnership with Molyneux Advisors to realise opportunities in the hydrogen economy. Belinda will be working closely with Molyneux Advisors consultant Alex Weber to deliver Sky Blue Hydrogen.

We believe implementation of Sky Blue Hydrogen will enable a material reduction in CO2 emissions.

To find out click to our dedicated page


Clock November 7, 2022

TenzorGeo: Data acquisition in challenging localities, and territories with restricted access.

TenzorGeo is an innovative integrated solution, shaping the passive seismic industry. It is a new standard for imaging and monitoring the subsurface. 

 TenzorGEO specialises in the acquisition and interpretation of passive seismic data. They provide integrated end-to-end geophysical solutions to some of the industry’s most significant subsurface challenges. 

Through the technology available via TenzorGEO, data acquisition is optimised in challenging localities, and territories with limited access.

TenzorGEO uses proprietary software and a no source environmentally friendly passive seismic data acquisition method to accurately locate and delineate hydrocarbon deposits, pinpointing where it is best to drill to reduce the chance of a dry well.

At Molyneux Advisors, we distribute  this technology in Australia. The technology can be a great solution in situations where conventional practices would not be an option, either due to active seismic waves energy penetration issues (e.g. sub coal, salt, basalt), accessibility or environmental restrictions. 

This technology can save millions of dollars by significantly increasing the chance of drilling a successful well. 

TenzorGEO’s can provide a turnkey acquisition, processing and interpretation solution or work alongside your data acquisition operation to acquire passive seismic data and supply their proprietary processing and interpretation.

Clock March 14, 2022

Black Mountain Energy Independent Technical Report published

Molyneux Advisors are pleased to share that they produced the Independent Technical Report for Black Mountain Energy’s investment prospectus.

If you’d link to find out more about how Molyneux Advisors can support your business please contact us.


Clock November 10, 2021

Simon Molyneux our Managing Director is looking forward to meeting clients old and new at the GoodOil Conference, Wednesday 8th September. The conference is being held in-person at the Hyatt Regent Hotel, Perth.

Come and see him at Booth #15.

Clock September 3, 2021

Molyneux Advisors Subsurface Management engagement.

Molyneux Advisors have been engaged by Tamarind Energy, A SE Asian-based independent oil and gas company to provide subsurface management services.

We will work with Tamarind Energy to meet their strategic growth objectives.


Clock September 1, 2021

Molyneux Advisors recent publications

Molyneux Advisors’ Managing Director Dr Simon Molyneux had three publications at the recent APPEA Conference held in-person in Perth, Australia. These were:

Exploring for Carbon Capture and Storage sites – A new direction for exploration evaluation? Page 10 in the June 2021 edition of the Energy News Bulletin Magazine.

The other two papers will be included in the APPEA Journal. Publication details to be posted soon.


Clock June 22, 2021

Molyneux Advisors adds resource assessment capability

Molyneux Advisors can announce that William Walton, David Stevens and Alexander Weber are joining the team.

William, David and Alexander add to our Hydrocarbon Reporting capacity and will build the Molyneux Advisors business in Europe.

Please Contact Us for a discussion as to how we can help your business.

Clock June 10, 2021

Molyneux Advisors exhibiting at the APPEA Conference, Perth, 14-17 June 2021

Molyneux Advisors is exhibiting at the 2021 APPEA Conference and Exhibition. The conference will be held in Perth between 14 and 17 June 2021.

If you are attending APPEA please visit us in the Exhibition Hall, or catch our Managing Director Dr Simon Molyneux delivering his talks on: 1) the 2021 Business Environment; or 2) Exploration opportunities in the Vulcan sub-basin.

Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Clock June 8, 2021

Project complete: Competent Person Report

Molyneux Advisors recently completed a Competent Persons Report (CPR) for an Asian operator.

The CPR included the evaluation of multiple opportunities that included undeveloped contingent resources and exploration prospects.

Contact us to learn how we can evaluate your assets.

Clock June 2, 2021

Project completion: Field Development

Molyneux Advisors recently completed an integrated multi-field development project for a client in the Americas.

The client has multiple assets with 100s of existing wells.

The project delivered sustained production through the opportunities managed using the WRFM (Wells, Reservoir, Facilities and Management) approach.

Built production through the high-grading of re-completion and infill drilling targets using detailed subsurface models.

Established a ranked portfolio of growth targets that will generate value over the medium to long-term.

Contact us to find out how we can add value to your assets.

Clock May 25, 2021

Update North Perth Basin Project

The Molyneux Advisors North Perth Basin project achieved its pre-funding requirements and will be available for delivery in June 2021.

Purchasing our integrated reservoir-to-user view of the North Perth Basin will enable your organisation to stand above the hype and
understand quantitatively and qualitatively the monetisation, development and exploration opportunities of the North Perth Basin.

Download our project flyer by clicking here: Download

Contact us to discuss the project by clicking here: Contact Us

Clock March 25, 2021

Project completion: Subsurface field development

Molyneux Advisors recently completed a subsurface field development plan in Australia.

The project delivered two new horizontal wells for the client through an integrated scope of work that included field history review, static reservoir modelling and dynamic reservoir modelling.

Delivering #resilienceonsteroids in the #oil and #gas #upstream #subsurface.

Clock March 22, 2021

Australian upstream M & A

Nicholas Mumford and Molyneux Advisor Managing Director Dr Simon Molyneux recently published an article in the AOG Special Edition of Energy News Bulletin.

Nick and Simon discuss Australian upstream M & A.

For those with an ENB subscription please have a look here and click through to page 20 and 21.

Clock March 20, 2021

New Office Location

From Monday 8th March Molyneux Advisors will be moving to:

The Park Business Centre, 45 Ventnor Av., West perth WA 6005.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Clock March 12, 2021

Online Geopressure Training

Through our partnership with Stephen O’Connor of Global Geopressure Advice Molyneux Advisors has just completed online Geopressure training courses for Woodside Energy and SapuraOMV Upstream.

To find out how we can deliver online development for your team, message us.

#subsurface #overpressure #geopressure #exploration #oil #gas

Clock August 3, 2020

Northern Territory Project

The MacArthur Basin, Northern Territory, Australia with a P50 Gas-In-Place for the Velkerri B-shale of 500Tcf could contain one of the largest unconven-tional petroleum plays in the world. The 2017 Amungee NW-1H well drilled by Origin indicated a material gas resource is present.

The basin remains lightly explored.

To accelerate a client’s evaluation of the hydrocarbon potential of the Northern Territory, Molyneux Advisors are collating, interpreting and cataloging the best available geological and geophysical datasets to generate an independent mutli-client view.

Today we announce that the first work package is available for clients:

Work Package #1
Seismic interpretation. Time and depth horizons, faults interpreted on all 9,975 line km of available seismic data. Alongside the interpretation, the seismic data has been amplitude balanced and mis-tie corrected.

This work package will accelerate your evaluation of the Northern Territory’s hydrocarbon potential.

Download the flyer here

Or click Contact Us to find out more.

Clock July 9, 2020

Thought Piece: Chevron’s equity in the North West Shelf Joint Venture

With Chevron’s equity in the North West Shelf (NWS) Joint Venture up for sale Molyneux Advisors TG Tan and Simon Molyneux take a look at the opportunity and what potential buyers should focus on.

What is the NWS worth?

With Chevron placing its stake on the market, this question is timely, interesting, and difficult.  Difficult because of the many moving parts involved.  Let’s take a look at some of them.

How much NWS gas is left?

Not much.  The NWS LNG plant needs about a TCF of gas a year to keep it full.  So only the most significant fields will extend its production plateau for long.  Woodside acquired the Fortuna seismic survey in 2014 using the latest technology to see if there was anything left to find.  This has not turned up anything of significance.

The production cliff is approaching fast.  Recent projects such as Persephone and Greater Western Flank 2 have helped but does not change the fact that ullage will increase quickly from the early 2020s.

That ullage will be filled by tolled gas, won’t it?

That’s the idea, with the >10 TCF from Browse the main game.  But even before COVID-19 Browse was challenged.  It’s expensive, and where will Woodside put all that CO2?

Another challenge is the gas tolling agreement.  The price has been agreed, but landing the other key terms has not been easy with joint venture partners having misaligned stakes in NWS and Browse.  Chevron’s exit may reduce the misalignment, but only if one of the existing participants takes up this stake.

Woodside’s schedule for Browse, pre-COVID, was ready-for-start-up (RFSU) 2026/27.  Final Investment Decision (FID) has now been deferred.  There would have been ullage at the NWS plant even on the previous project timing.  This period of reduced production will now be longer.

This gap could be filled by Chevron’s Clio Acme fields, via the Pluto-NWS interconnector pipeline. There has been little public comment on this opportunity since its announcement in 2018. Chevron’s exit from NWS must now cast doubt on NWS backfill as a development option for Clio Acme.

How much longer can the NWS hardware last?

The North Rankin platform dates from 1984, and the LNG plant delivered its first cargo in 1989.  The infrastructure is old, and keeping it running requires a large maintenance effort.  More than that, particularly at the Karratha plant, life extension is needed.  Corrosion, especially under insulation, and obsolescence are a couple of the issues that need to be addressed.

The cost associated with this is highly uncertain.  The extent of corrosion under insulation is notoriously hard to determine before you actually remove the insulation.  And when repairing, do you design for 5 years extra life or 15, i.e. Browse or not?

And when parts of the infrastructure are no longer needed, how much will it cost to remove and abandon?  Extensive abandonment has not yet been done in Australia and aside from the technical challenges, the rules on how it must be done (complete removal?) and disposal have not yet been tested.

Motivated participants

All this adds up to NWS project participants who must increasingly be motivated to make the third-party tolling arrangements work.  The virtuous cycle consists of getting paid for use of capacity that would otherwise be idle, and deferring abandonment.

This imminent production cliff-edge has been clear to the NWS project participants for the last decade.  That the forward plan is not yet clear shows how difficult it has been to make all these moving parts fit.

The Buyer

Woodside is seen as the obvious buyer for Chevron’s stake in NWS. Woodside holds a strong position as operator, holder of pre-emption rights and highly motivated to bring forward their Browse project to backfill NWS. Nevertheless Woodside has limited resources, a valuable discrete opportunity exists for other parties who want an infrastructure position, exposure to mature upstream LNG or seek to accelerate their own stranded resources.

Clock June 29, 2020

North Perth Basin Project

Since the discovery of the Waitsia gas field (by AWE) in 2015, the North Perth Basin has become the locus of material hydrocarbon
discoveries in Australia.

The 2019 Beharra Springs Deep-1 (Beach Energy) and West Erregulla-2 (Strike Energy) discoveries have confirmed the basin has
significant remaining potential.

These gas discoveries have changed the game for explorers, developers, producers and commercial gas users in Western

Molyneux Advisors want to support operators, JV partners, investors and new entrants to understand and perform in the new Western
Australia gas game.

Purchasing our integrated reservoir-to-user view of the North Perth Basin will enable your organisation to stand above the hype and
understand quantitatively and qualitatively the monetisation, development and exploration opportunities of the North Perth Basin.

Download our project flyer by clicking here: Download

Contact us to discuss the project by clicking here: Contact Us

Clock June 22, 2020

Exclusive Agents for TenzorGeo technology

Molyneux Advisors are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as exclusive agents for TenzorGeo’s innovative exploration, development and CCS technology in Oceania.

Link to article on LinkedIn


Clock June 17, 2020

E-learning opportunity – Well Planning and the integration of pressure data across the oilfield cycle

We are partnering with Stephen O’Connor of Global Geopressure Advice to bring an innovative e-learning course to our Australian and Asia-Pacific clients.

Course title: Well Planning and the integration of pressure data across the oilfield cycle

The course will be delivered in the three focused 1/2 day teaching sessions.

Please email for course content, pricing and timing options for your organisation.

#exploration #subsurface #geopressure

Clock June 15, 2020

Hong Feng Wu receives membership of SPEE

Molyneux Advisors  Director Hong Feng Wu has been accepted into the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (SPEE) as one of its newest members.

Congratulations to Hong Feng on this appointment!

Clock May 14, 2020

New Molyneux Advisors website launched

All the elements of our new website are now ‘Live’.

We look forward to welcoming you to

Please get in touch at if you’d like to know more about our subsurface service.


Clock May 4, 2020

Second birthday of Molyneux Advisors

Today marks the second birthday of Molyneux Advisors.

Running our own upstream oil and gas advisory is wonderful fun. With more than 50% year on year growth our clients agree.

We’re embracing the challenges the industry faces in 2020. Our remote working facilities meant we didn’t miss a beat as we started working with COVID 19. Our commitment to integrated solutions is appealing to clients in a US $25/bbl world.

We are in the petroleum and energy advisory business for the long term.

Contact us to find out how we can add value to your business.

Subsurface – Project Management – Reserves – Exploration – Seismic   This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

Clock April 20, 2020

Business Continuity Update

Molyneux Advisors recognises that business continuity is a concern for our Clients. Molyneux Advisors has robust systems and processes in place for remote working, which we use daily across our business.

Our team commonly works from our home offices. We are used to working by video conferencing, phone or email as many of our Clients are international, or interstate.

We are ready for the changes in how we are all going to work over the coming weeks.

Our aim is to maintain business for Clients, and hopefully the only change you will see is more use of video conferencing and technology instead of face-to-face meetings as we use remote working. We are still be contactable by the usual means of email and telephone.

We are working together to keep everyone safe and work together virtually over the coming period. We believe in our business and we look forward to working with our Clients over the months and years ahead.

Yours, Simon Molyneux (Managing Director) and Hong Feng Wu (Director)

Clock March 18, 2020

New Geoscientist

Pooya Hadian, Geoscientist welcome to Molyneux Advisors. Pooya joins the team fresh from completing his PhD at Curtin University.

It’s great to have you on board!

Clock March 3, 2020

Happy Lunar New Year from Molyneux Advisors.

To our clients, colleagues, friends and connections may the Year of the Rat bring good luck, good fortune and prosperity to you and your family.

Best wishes, Simon & Hong.

Clock January 24, 2020

China’s new acreage laws

For the first time, China will this year allow foreign companies to explore for and produce oil and gas in the country without a mandatory JV with the local NOCs. This opens up the Chinese industry to firms other than state-run energy giants, as Beijing looks to boost domestic energy supplies.

For information on upstream opportunities in China contact Molyneux Advisors Director Hong Feng Wu

Clock January 13, 2020

Season’s Greetings from Molyneux Advisors

To our Clients, Associates and Network,

Molyneux Advisors have enjoyed bringing our brand of subsurface advice to you in 2019. We wish you and yours a Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

We look forward to working together again in 2020.

Best wishes

Simon and Hong.

Clock December 20, 2019

Project: Business Management

Molyneux Advisors undertake to represent exploration, production and service company clients in Australia.

To discuss how we can support your company’s business in Australia call: +61 (0) 418 349 672.

Clock November 5, 2019

Project complete: Work Program Commitment management

Molyneux Advisors work regularly with clients on how to manage their exploration and development work program commitments.

Using our extensive experience with regulators across Australia and Asia we are able to advise clients on options, negotiating strategies and application preparation.

Call Simon Molyneux on +61 (0) 418 349 672 for more information.

Clock October 31, 2019

Project complete: Novar MC3D Regional Interpretation Study

Molyneux Advisors Dr Simon Molyneux & Greg Armstrong collaborated with MCResources to deliver a seismic interpretation study of the Novar MC3D dataset.

The Novar MC3D data re-defines seismic quality in the Vulcan sub-basin, offshore northern Australia and is a required data for an evaluation of the 2019 Offshore Acreage Release Permits in this area.

The extraordinary quality of this dataset gives incredible fault definition, high confidence regional surfaces and new information on the presence of reservoir in the Vulcan sub-basin.

NOVAR MC3D Regional Interpretation Study for Australia’s 2019 Acreage Release: NEWS RELEASE 15th August 2019

Call Simon Molyneux on +61 (0) 418 349 672 (Molyneux Advisors) or Stephen Doyle +61 (0) 404 640 867 to arrange a data viewing.

Clock October 29, 2019

Attending RIU Good Oil Conference, Perth 11 & 12 September 2019

Molyneux Advisors Managing Director and Chief Geoscientist Simon Molyneux will be attending the RIU Good Oil Conference on 11/12 September.

He is looking forward to catching up with clients and his network.

Please drop an email to to set up an appointment.

Clock September 4, 2019

Attending 2019 Offshore Petroleum Acreage Release on 31 July 2019

Molyneux Advisors will be attending the APPEA Connect event: 2019 Offshore Petroleum Acreage Release on 31 July 2019.

We look forward to learning about the 2019 offshore acreage release, connecting with clients and our network.

If you haven’t registered (it’s free), register here:

Clock July 29, 2019

2019 Offshore Australia Acreage Release

The Offshore Australia Acreage Release will be launched on 31st July 2019, with bids closing end Q1 2020.

Molyneux Advisors have extensive experience across all of Australia’s offshore basins.

Please get in touch if you require any insights or support for the upcoming release.








#exploringwith purpose

Clock July 24, 2019

Attending the SPE Workshop: Reserves and Resources Estimation, Perth 24-25 July 2019

Molyneux Advisors Principal Reservoir Engineer Hong Feng Wu will be attending the SPE Workshop: Reservoir and Resources Estimation in Perth, Western Australia on 24 & 25 July 2019.

Hong Feng is looking forward to catching up with clients and his network.

To arrange an appointment please email

Clock July 22, 2019

Project complete: Exploration bid round submission

Molyneux Advisors were engaged to submit an exploration bid round submission.

This engagement required:

    • Background literature search
    • Interpretation of regional data
    • Identification of viable plays and prospects
    • Drafting of a technical bid submission
    • Suggestion as to minimum work obligations
    • Compilation of a commercial bid package
    • Conversation with the regulator

Disciplines utilized:

  • Geoscience
  • Geophysics
  • Petrophysics
  • Commercial
  • Project Management

This was a short cycle engagement with the client needing submission only 4 weeks after project kick-off. Molyneux Advisors identified resources to complete the project before the deadline.

Time to complete: 4 weeks

landscape sunset architecture platform
Photo by Zukiman Mohamad on
Clock June 1, 2019

Australian Upstream LNG reports

The next wave of LNG development in Australia will be backfill to the existing plants.

These projects will likely occur at Darwin, Pluto or North-West shelf from a wide range of upstream assets.

Understanding this landscape can be confusing.

To clear the confusion, Molyneux Advisors have compiled summary reports on the upstream LNG landscape.

Reports on Darwin LNG and Pluto LNG are available now.

Reports on the North-West Shelf backfill opportunities and the backfill options around the East Coast plants will be available soon.

Contact us to get the copy relevant to your business.

#LNG #upstream #australia #appea2019

Clock May 24, 2019

Molyneux Advisors attending APPEA 2019

Molyneux Advisors Directors Dr Simon Molyneux and Mr Hong Feng Wu will be attending the APPEA 2019 conference and exhibition, 27-30 May.

If you would like to schedule a meeting in Brisbane with them, please email or call on: +61 (0) 418 349 672.

Clock May 21, 2019

Celebrating the first birthday of Molyneux Advisors

Molyneux Advisors is celebrating our first birthday.

Thank you to our clients and associates for their hard work and support.

To celebrate our first birthday we are offering 4 hours of FREE subsurface advice to the lucky winner of our prize draw. Enter by filling your details in here:

It’s been a pleasure to work with you to create a ’Leading provider of subsurface advice to the oil and gas industry’.

We are excited about the next year.

#oil #gas #subsurface #exploration #exploringwithpurpose

Clock April 16, 2019

Supporting stakeholders through changes to the NOPSEMA regulations governing Environmental Plans

On 25 April 2019, new regulations that facilitate improved transparency of Australian offshore environment plans (EPs) will take effect. This will involve the publication of all EPs and introduce a public comment period for seismic and exploratory drilling proposals.

To understand the impact of these changes on your plans for activity as an activity operator or stakeholder in the Australian offshore, please get in touch with our team using the following link .

Clock April 11, 2019

SEAPEX 2019 What an event!

Molyneux Advisors, Managing Director attended the SEAPEX 2019 event in Singapore last week.

Thank you to everyone for their presentations, posters, conversations and community.

We look forward to turning the conversations into projects.

Clock April 8, 2019

Attending the SEAPEX conference

Molyneux Advisors Managing Director Dr Simon Molyneux is attending the SEAPEX Singapore conference 2-5 April 2019.

Email him on or call +61 (0) 418 349 672 to arrange a meeting.


#seapex #oil #gas #exploringwithpurpose #exploration #subsurface

Clock March 28, 2019

Geo pressure course

It is wonderful to see participants from Woodside, Finder, Santos and Carnarvon Petroleum at the Geopressure course today.

Thank you to our partner Stephen O’Connor of Global Geopressure Advice for delivering and preparing the material.

#oil #gas #subsurface #geopressure #exploration #exploringwithpurpose



Clock March 26, 2019

Attending the Australian Oil & Gas Exhibition and Conference

Our Managing Director Simon Molyneux and a number of associates are looking forward to attending the Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference in Perth on 13-15 March.

Please contact us to discuss your oil and gas consultancy needs.

Tel +61 (0) 418 349 672


#oil #gas #exploration #subsurface #exploringwithpurpose #AOG #AOG2019 #australia.

Clock March 11, 2019

We have three places remaining on the 26 March Geopressure course led by Stephen o’Connor. Contact us to reserve your place.

InstructorStephen O’ConnorGlobal GeoPressure Advice.

This course is aimed at providing a review of theory and the latest thinking for planning wells i.e. pore pressure/fracture gradient estimation as well as reviewing how critical pressure data is, if used correctly, in the cycle of an oilfield, from initial discovery to development of the accumulation.

As such, it is suitable for geologists, geophysicists, geological operations staff and the drilling disciplines. The focus of the course is how the geology of a basin must be integrated into the workflow in order to deliver a best practice pressure prognosis.

Topics covered will include:

·         Data, definitions and datums ·         Understanding realistic geological uncertainty
·         Overburden stress calculation ·         Seal capacity and column heights
·         Wireline formation test interpretation ·         The effects of overpressure on AVO models
·         Pore pressure in the overburden ·         Overpressure mapping and fault seal
·         The causes of overpressure in a basin ·         Lateral drainage and hydrodynamics.
·         Fracture pressure models


Venue: Australian Institute of Company Directors, Level 1, Allendale Square, 77 St Georges Terrace

Cost: AU$375 + GST per person.

To confirm your place please contact:

Stephen O’Connor ; or

Simon Molyneux


Presented by Molyneux Advisors in partnership with Global Geopressure Advice.

Clock March 7, 2019

Satisfied client testimonial

Molyneux Advisors recently completed an asset purchase due diligence exercise for an Australian oil and gas company. The client gave us this feedback. :

I’d like to thank you (Molyneux Advisors) for such a collaborative and professional due diligence exercise. Your depth of knowledge comes through very quickly in engagements and project  reporting, you focus on the issues we (the customer) wants focused on, meet deadlines and provide a few key insights we would not have uncovered in anything less than a deep due diligence exercise.

We were very pleased with this feedback and look forward to completing more evaluations like this.


Clock March 5, 2019

Three places remaining: One-day course: Well Planning and the integration of pressure data into the E, P and D oilfield cycle. 26 March 2019.

InstructorStephen O’ConnorGlobal GeoPressure Advice.

This course is aimed at providing a review of theory and the latest thinking for planning wells i.e. pore pressure/fracture gradient estimation as well as reviewing how critical pressure data is, if used correctly, in the cycle of an oilfield, from initial discovery to development of the accumulation.

As such, it is suitable for geologists, geophysicists, geological operations staff and the drilling disciplines. The focus of the course is how the geology of a basin must be integrated into the workflow in order to deliver a best practice pressure prognosis.

Topics covered will include:

·         Data, definitions and datums ·         Understanding realistic geological uncertainty
·         Overburden stress calculation ·         Seal capacity and column heights
·         Wireline formation test interpretation ·         The effects of overpressure on AVO models
·         Pore pressure in the overburden ·         Overpressure mapping and fault seal
·         The causes of overpressure in a basin ·         Lateral drainage and hydrodynamics.
·         Fracture pressure models


Venue: Australian Institute of Company Directors, Level 1, Allendale Square, 77 St Georges Terrace

Cost: AU$375 + GST per person.

To confirm your place please contact:

Stephen O’Connor; or

Simon Molyneux


Presented by Molyneux Advisors in partnership with Global Geopressure Advice.

Clock February 27, 2019

Project Complete: Strategy review

Molyneux Advisors were engaged to:

  • Identify strategic drivers for the client
  • Review of existing documentation
  • Analysis of client portfolio
  • Scenario testing
  • Economic assessment
  • Commercial advice to client
  • Presentation and documentation for the client

Disciplines utilised:

  • Commercial
  • Risk / Compliance
  • Contracting and Procurement
  • Environment

Time to complete: 2 months


dawn drill dusk evening
Photo by Pixabay on
Clock February 7, 2019

Chinese New Year 2019 Greetings

Wishing our clients and friends wealth and prosperity in 2019 Year of the Pig.

Clock February 4, 2019

Project completed: Opportunity Evaluation

Molyneux Advisors were engaged to de-risk the subsurface component of an asset purchase.

This engagement required:

  • Review of existing wells, seismic, models, development and production to date
  • Verification of the vendor’s seismic interpretation, depth conversion, petrophysical assessment, reservoir model and field development plans.
  • Construction of independent in-place and recoverable resource assessments
  • Bench-marking the asset against global peers
  • Presentation and documentation for the client

Disciplines utilized:

  • Geoscience
  • Geophysics
  • Petrophysics
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Well/Completion Engineering
  • Facility/Cost engineer

Time to complete: 4 weeks

landscape sunset architecture platform
Photo by Zukiman Mohamad on
Clock January 31, 2019

Project completed: Field Development Planning.

Molyneux Advisors enabled the client to maximize the value of a field in Australia.

The project involved the:

  • Review of existing wells, seismic, models, development and production to date
  • In-depth examination of the well, reservoir and field management history
  • Construction of a geological reservoir model (Petrel) integrating seismic, well and production information
  • Evaluation of development scenario testing and infill well opportunities using a history matched dynamic reservoir model
  • Bench-marking the proposed development against global analogues
  • Documentation in a subsurface field development plan (FDP).

Disciplines utilized:

  • Geoscience
  • Geophysics
  • Petrophysics
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Well/completion Engineering
  • Facility/Cost Engineering

Time to complete: 3 months


Clock January 24, 2019

New Associates for 2019 bring facilities engineering skills, regional studies capability and a North American presence to the Molyneux Advisors team.

Molyneux Advisors is pleased to announce that 2019 brings two new associates to our team.

TG Tan

TG Tan adds Facilities Engineering to our product set. Before joining Molyneux Advisors TG was Shell’s Development Manager for the Greater Gorgon and Wheatstone assets. He brings over 30 years of global engineering experience.

Anchuan Zheng

Anchuan Zheng has over 30 years of Geoscience experience gained at Shell, ExxonMobil and CNOOC. A resident of Houston in the US, he is managing Molyneux Advisors regional projects and business growth in North America.

Clock January 2, 2019

Happy New Year!

Clock January 1, 2019

A bit of Christmas fun…

Here at Molyneux Advisors, we like a bit of LEGO. Recently I rebuilt this vintage set of an oil platform.

My children saw it and thought it needed re-branding. A clear articulation of their vision for the business!

For now, we are concentrating on being world-class subsurface advisors.

Have a great Christmas, see you in the New Year!

Lego Oil Platform

Clock December 24, 2018

Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year

We thank all our clients, friends, colleagues and connections for their support in 2018.

Hong and I wish you all the best for Christmas and a very prosperous New Year 2019.

Wishing you a very merry christmas

Clock December 21, 2018

Disruption to the world of work. How the forward-thinking oil and gas companies are embracing new working practices to deliver subsurface work.

At a people level the oil and gas hiring freeze would appear to be over. Everyday my LinkedIn feed contains technical upstream roles in the main oil and gas centres. I even spotted an expat-terms hire this week.

It is not all rosy in the garden as there are many, many people who remain underemployed, but in 12 months time will oil and gas professionals all be back in corporate roles ready to party like its 2013 again?

I don’t think so. It is time to disrupt this model.

While oil and gas has been in the doldrums the way the world works has changed in three ways:

  • The rise of the gig economy – Freelance workers who want flexibility to work how and when they want.
  • High speed communications – Meaning we can work in one place and warehouse data somewhere else.
  • Low barriers to entry – Software as a service and hardware commoditisation means any individual can get any piece of technical software, use commodity (cheap) hardware and they need pay for only for what they use.

The forward-thinking oil and gas companies are embracing these changes in the world of work. They are recognising that they don’t need to build an organisation to receive high-quality work and access high quality people.

At Molyneux Advisors we embrace this change. The world of work occur in three ways:

  • Virtual integrated services – Having no internal capacity, an operator is outsourcing multi-disciplinary services as project. However, the consulting house uses the company’s software and hardware on a virtual machine. The company mitigates any compatibility issues and can closely monitor progress of the project.
  • Pay for what you use – The operator does not want full-time staff but needs occasional advice. The consultant takes on tasks as assigned and on an as needs basis.
  • Specialist on-call – The company cannot source say a structural geologist in Indonesia, where there are tough rules on work permits and data transfer. The company sets up virtual access to the machine and software. The specialist works from their location to deliver on schedule at a much lower cost to sourcing someone in country.

Talk to us about how we can meet your needs for subsurface oil and gas services.

Clock November 28, 2018

Brochure download and website refresh

Today we launch our brochure. Download your copy here.

We have refreshed the website to match

Clock November 22, 2018

Partnership MoU with Labrador Petro-Management

Molyneux Advisors are pleased to announce that we have agreed an MoU for the supply of subsurface services to Labrador Petro-Management (LPM).

We look forward to working with the LPM team.

Background: Labrador Petro-Management (LPM) has been providing drilling and well services consulting services to the Australian oil and gas industry for over 30 years.  LPM can provide individual specialists or entire drilling teams for well planning, operations supervision (onshore and offshore), peer assistance, due diligence, well control engineering and emergency response assistance.

Clock November 19, 2018

What connects a technical review and swiss cheese?

It may feel like a somewhat tenuous connection, but in recent weeks I’ve been reflecting on the importance of a culture of self-reflection and questioning in the exploration and subsurface technical work.

Why? There is a myriad of places where we can accumulate errors. No amount of technical review will find all the potential errors.

Is this important? Earlier this year I looked at an exploration prospect, minor but accretive errors in factors like saturation and the oil shrinkage resulted in a 20% underestimate of resource. The errors were easily fixed, but how can we prevent them from happening at all?

One way is to assume that all technical professionals are stupid and put in place a police-state checklist focused approach in an attempt to review in quality.

An alternative way is a variation on the Swiss cheese model of accident causation ( If you aren’t familiar with this model, the idea is that the layers of cheese act as multiple layers of defence. If an error passes through one layer (a hole) it will be stopped at the next layer.

Swiss Cheese Model of Accident Causation

How does this relate to subsurface technical work in the oil and gas industry? If we consider the holes not as modes of failure, but as colleagues questioning each other and constantly working to improve the work, would we increase quality and reduce the time spent in reviews sweating the small stuff? Is this ‘improvement in the line’ applied to subsurface?

I argue that a high-performance subsurface exploration team will spend time reflecting, constructively question each other, fix minor problems before they become large ones and use reviews to cement in quality and sweat the big stuff.

What do you think?

Clock October 23, 2018

Partnership between Global Geopressure Advice and Molyneux Advisors

We are pleased to announce that Molyneux Advisors and Global GeoPressure Advice have agreed an Memorandum of Understanding concerning collaboration in the area of  subsurface studies and geopressure evaluations.

We look forward to working closely together.

Global GeoPressure Advice Logo

Molyneux logo

Clock October 12, 2018

Appointment of Principal Reservoir Engineer and new Director Hong Feng Wu.

Molyneux Advisors is pleased to announce that Hong Feng Wu has been appointed as Principal Reservoir Engineer and Director.

Hong brings 20 years of reservoir engineering experience to Molyneux Advisors.

Welcome Hong!

Clock September 27, 2018

PESA mentoring mid-program catch-up

A big thank you to the Mentors and Mentees who attended the #PESA WA mentoring program mid-program catch-up on Wednesday 5 September.

The energy in the room was palpable, it is a privilege to watch everyone creating new possibilities and committing to achieve their outcomes.

It is a please to work with you all and make some new friends.

Looking forward to seeing you all again for the wrap up on 28 November.

#PESA #mentoring

Toasting over a dinner

Clock September 7, 2018

Geophysical Service launching


With the arrival of two new associates, Molyneux Advisors is launching an integrated Geophysical Service.

Clients engaging Molyneux Advisors will mitigate the risk associated with geophysical data acquisition and processing. Riccardo Vercesi and Helen Debenham will partner with Molyneux Advisors to deliver world-class technical know-how and high-quality project management throughout the geophysical lifecycle.

Please get in touch to understand how we can enable your geophysical project.

Riccardo Vercesi
Riccardo Vercesi

Riccardo Vercesi is a world expert in the design, contracting, procurement, acquisition and processing of geophysical data.

Helen Debenham is one of the world’s leading seismic imagers with expertise in Full Waveform Inversion (FWI), Seismic Migration (incl. Kirchoff PSTM and PSDM, Reverse time Migration (RTM), WEM and Beam) and Tomographic velocity model building.

Riccardo and Helen’s technical capability combined with Molyneux Advisors’ existing capability in stakeholder management and our partners who can effectively deliver environmental permits mean that clients can be confident that their project will be delivered efficiently, on the specification and on budget.

Clock September 6, 2018

Opportunities for oil and gas industry growth. How to unleash the next wave of developments?

As I sat down to write the blog, I reflected that we have now had nearly 12 months with oil prices above $60/bbl Brent. The context for growth is much more favourable than it has been for several years. Most recently Santos’s recent purchase of Quadrant as evidence of the animal spirits in the oil and gas industry.

Where balance sheets and investor appetite does not extend to the gobbling up of the neighbours or participating in the oil-prone emerging basins. What is the next wave of viable developments? I believe that these will be small fields. Why?

Many existing basins are mature. What mature means depends on where you are. In northern Australia it might be 1Tcf of undeveloped gas thousands of kilometres from a market. In the North Sea it might be a 3 mmbbls oil target.

The bottom-line is these targets are in many cases not new, they have kicked around in various company portfolios for years, too small to be economic. They are likely not bad opportunities with a defined structure and they have viable reservoir and hydrocarbon fill, but they aren’t very big. To date no company or government has considered their development to be important.

In the oil and gas business, big is normally beautiful. Big fields normally mean big profits, and their development is viable despite tough commercial conditions and high capital costs. Small fields do not mean no profits, they require more certainty on costs and commercial conditions. To develop these small fields, and get a meaningful return on the invested capital, the Subsurface understanding, the Capital cost of development and the external Commercial conditions to align to facilitate a viable development (Figure 1). Making any of these conditions more favourable (i.e. reducing the cost of development) makes a development more likely. The fourth dimension (not shown in Figure 1) is risk or uncertainty, meaning that while a development is viable any perception that the technical, commercial or capital conditions might change will impact the chance of a development going ahead.

So, returning to the oil price, how can we unleash the next wave of viable small-field developments? We need to increase the overlap in the Venn diagram shown in Figure 1. How can this be done?

As a subsurface professional, I’d always like to see more drilling. You don’t find oil on a spreadsheet, a strategy that has a positive disposition towards to drilling and appraisal activity is an assumption.

For the most part I believe our attitude can have the greatest impact. An attitude shift has been proven to have a 30% reduction in Capital cost and produce the Commercial conditions for the industry to flourish.

Considering Capital, our industry is conservative. We are slow to take up new ideas. However, now is our time to change that. We need to open our minds to new ideas to deliver another step-change cost reduction. This mindset change can deliver a 30-40% reduction in installed costs.

I hear you cry, “We can’t achieve that, it’s impossible.”. Well, let’s look at the lesson of history, more than twenty years ago the oil and gas industry in the UK pioneered the CRINE initiative (Cost Reduction In a New Era) the purpose of the initiative was to achieve a 30% reduction in capital cost. This initiative resulted in the development of new platforms and a number of stranded assets delivering value for shareholders and governments. What was the game-changing technology seismic, computers, faster drilling, less over-design of facilities? All played a role, but Barron’s (1995) paper demonstrates that the key success factor was persuading people to adopt new attitudes. They had to move on from entrenched attitude of mis-trust and adversarial practice.

Similarly, the Commercial conditions. At times I feel that it is amazing the oil industry exists at all, because there is often a lack of common purpose between the developers, suppliers and regulators of the industry. Where that common purpose exists the industry flourishes, consider the US Shale industry. Where it is absent the industry withers. Build a common commercial purpose and new developments will be unleashed.

In closing, the next wave of small-fields can be developed if we want to. To deliver a step change in development costs and commercial conditions the result in a flourishing active industry we need to develop a common purpose and put-aside the adversarial behaviours that destroy value.

Clock August 31, 2018

Oil and Gas consultant contracting

In my recent reading I came across two  insightful white papers. The first, by Owen Hayford of PWC on Collaborative Contracting and the second, by EY on Oilfield services at a crossroads: structural changes ahead. Both of these texts suggest that to create more value (PWC) and lock-in the cost savings that were achieved during the down turn (EY) a cultural shift needs to occur in the way contractors are engaged and rewarded.

What do you think?

Clock August 14, 2018

PRISM presentation

I took time on Thursday 2 August out to spend the afternoon at St Catherine’s College, the University of Western Australia with 80 of Western Australia’s brightest and best at the PRISM scholarship workshop. PRISM seeks to support the State’s brightest and best students in pursuing prestigious international scholarships.

Here is a PDF of my slides that cover preparing for a scholarship application, completing the form and attending the interview.

These are for personal use only.

Thank you for the opportunity to present, being an appreciative audience, for great questions and making a wet and stormy day very enjoyable.

Clock August 2, 2018

Exploring with Purpose

Clock July 26, 2018

Subsurface Project Scope

We posted the following article on LinkedIn. Let me know what you think.

Clock June 27, 2018

Energy Transition

I posted this LinkedIn article about the Energy Transition and how this impacts development and exploration.

Clock June 12, 2018

Resource Volumes

Recently I have been reflecting on the process by which resource volumes are calculated by the oil and gas industry.

I am particularly struck by recollection of a technical peer review where the lead geoscientist presented a probability distribution of expected recoverable volumes with 3 ‘humps’ on it. The mean recoverable volume was 150 bcf, when asked what that represented on a map the geoscientist couldn’t show the review team. On the probability distribution the mean case was a low probability outcome!

The distribution was mathematically correct, it did not make a good geological case.

I took away these learning points from the experience:

a) Don’t mix models. Think first, model later.

b) Be able to discuss your cases on a map.

c) The availability of probabilistic models does not negate the need to be a geoscientist.

It occurred to me that sharing some examples in a suitably anonymized way will provide general learning to the resource industry.

Please reply to this post if you have an example to share.

I will collate the examples and share the learning.

Thank you

in advance,


Clock June 5, 2018

Molyneux Advisors website is open for business.

Toasting over a dinner

The website of Molyneux Advisors Pty Ltd is now open. We will be adding content and links over the coming months. Please let us know what you think.

Clock March 30, 2018

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Clock November 7, 2022

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Molyneux Advisors Subsurface Management engagement.

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