North Perth Basin Project

An independent multi-client view of monetisation, development and exploration in the North Perth Basin.

Since the discovery of the Waitsia gas field (by AWE) in 2015, the North Perth Basin has become the locus of material hydrocarbon discoveries in Australia.

The 2019 Beharra Springs Deep-1 (Beach Energy), West Erregulla-2 (Strike Energy) and 2021 Lockyer Deep (Mineral Resources) discoveries have confirmed the basin has significant remaining potential.

These outlined gas discoveries have changed the game for explorers, developers, producers and commercial gas users in Western Australia.

Molyneux Advisors want to support operators, JV partners, investors and new entrants to understand and perform in the new Western Australia gas game. As such, we have produced a study that has quantified the gas resource in the North Perth Basin.

The study shows how over the coming decades, Western Australia’s gas supply will be transformed by gas from the North Perth Basin. Furthermore, gas discovered and yet to be found in the North Perth Basin has the potential to meet industrial, mining and residential demand across Western Australia and backfill LNG facilities.

Other key findings that are outlined include, a modelling of how the gas resource can be developed over a quantifiable period of time. Specifically, how much gas will be produced from when it reaches the market. Also included is the size of the gas resource, where it is and who owns it.

Acquiring our integrated reservoir-to-user view of the North Perth Basin will enable your organisation to stand above the hype, and understand quantitatively and qualitatively the monetisation, development and exploration opportunities of the North Perth Basin. The study is an essential research tool for all participants in the Western Australian gas market.

The study, subsequent maps and underlying subsurface data is available now via Molyneux Advisors, and we have purchase and subscription options for clients to acquire.

For an independent study, report and insight of gas supply from the North Perth Basin that is ground-truthed in the subsurface geology, contact us today.