Northern Territory Project

An independent multi-client view of the MacArthur Basin’s Resource Potential

The MacArthur Basin, Northern Territory, Australia with a P50 Gas-In-Place for the Velkerri B-shale of 500Tcf could contain one of the largest unconventional petroleum plays in the world.

The 2017 Amungee NW-1H well drilled by Origin indicated a material gas resource is present. The basin remains lightly explored.

Molyneux Advisors have collated, interpreted and catalogued the best available geological and geophysical datasets to generate an independent view of the Northern Territory’s hydrocarbon potential.

Available Now

Basin framework:
An independent interpretation and consistent data package for the McArthur basin, focussed on the Beetaloo sub-basin.


  • Regional, time and depth, horizons and faults from top to bottom of the stratigraphy.
  • Each horizon mapped across fifteen 2D seismic surveys totalling 9,975 line km.
  • Horizons delivered with an amplitude balanced, mis-tie corrected 2D seismic database including available wells.
  • Structural interpretation
  • Integrated geological and geochemical datasets compiled from public sources

The project will accelerate exploration and development of the Northern Territory’s petroleum and mineral resources.